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Year 14 Day 183 16:33
I bought a ship recently and while checking it stats to see how it was, I noticed the Date of manufacturing was completely blank.

I do see it has a low id number: ID# 16110

Just something I found strange, and was just curious about.

Year 14 Day 183 16:57
I have a J-327 like that. I got it way back when. It might have even been before that system was in. But It could have been also because it was a CP ship. However my Y-wing also doesn't have a DOM so I think it is because they are older.


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Year 14 Day 183 17:18
Thanks Pepi, I kind of thought that was case, this is a ply-3000 so it must before the use of DOM's

Year 14 Day 183 18:10
Some ships are just really old, its my guess its the ships that were first in Darkness from the old system, and ships made by admins, my modded gallo doesn't have DOM nor my 3 digit TIE/Ln. I remember there was talk about it some time ago and admins might have explained it better, but can't recall that.


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Year 14 Day 183 18:14
I think when they brought the DOM in, it only went back to year 7 when production was released. Any ships before that were spawned in by admins etc and don't have those details.


Year 14 Day 183 19:02
They didn't add the DOM until the most recent iteration of Production. (I'm not sure if that was even added with Production or a bit later. I don't remember it from Production Beta but it has been a while.)

In summary: anything with a low enough ID will not have a DOM.


Owyn Darklighter
Year 14 Day 183 23:29
If by production beta you mean the earliest form of production that didn't use RMs yet, yeah those ships (and any ships dating back to pre-production) don't have DOMs. Roughly the 10000-90000 ID range is from the earlier production run; starting with the 100,000s in about Y7-8 the DOMs are recorded.