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Year 7 Day 100 12:18
Tidus Abes

I know this may seem excessive but i realy want to make sure you read my message.
Yester day i donated 10.00 to the combine (03/09/06) at around 2:53 pm and i was realy hoping that you receved my message on the fact that i didnot read the requierments for the donatinon and that when i donated i was supose to type in my handle. instead i typed in "I know this isnt much but i hope it helps" I know this will be hard to belive but its the honest truth.

Year 7 Day 100 12:55
Do not worry about this.

First, the handle was automatically included in the title of the donation. Simple security measure I recently implemented and which helps me a lot to figure out all handles in cases like yours.

Second, you will get your CPs as soon as the donation status changes from “pending” to “cleared”. Hope you understand.

Thank you for your support.


Sim Master Veynom

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