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Archives » Custom image for YV-666 not working. Solved. Answer's here.
I am having some problems with my custom image, it said the art team had accepted it but it's not showing up with the custom image.

Anyone got any ideas?

This is how to do it:


To get a custom image for a ship, vehicles,etc get AT LEAST 500 CP's, click on the CP's, then you go down until you reach the '::Custom Images::' then pick new, then fill in the box's e.g. Ship YV-666 Yourself Public, then choose the images (you need to put your own options in there). then click submit and wait for the art team to accept or decline it.


Then get AT LEAST 100 CP's to exactly the same but instead of picking new pick personal then pick the image of e.g. Ship, and the ID (the ID is the code on the item) then submit then you go and pick the images you want.


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Maha Michi

Where is it not showing up?

Have you gone back and applied the small and large images?


Blot Hlidskjalf

it never shows up after it's accepted.

it's stored on your account, but you cannot overview them (was suggested but admins/whoever seems busy).

to get your image visible re-enter the cp-exchange and now choose the following:
enter the ship id
entity is ship

the program will recognize that the ship is a yv-666 and show you all of your accepted yv-666 images.
now you can choose the image for your ship.
after accepting, the yv-666 shows your image.

Option on the CP Exchange sheet are:-

'New Image: Submits a new image to the server for approval and can be owned by either yourself or your faction and costs 500CPs. (iv'e done this)
'Existing Image: A set of existing public images already uploaded by yourself or your faction and costs 100CPs per entity it is applied to.
'Public Image: A set of images uploaded by the admin and hosted on the Combine server and only costing 100CP

I have just sent 500 cp' s using the the 'new image' option and had a message to say it is approved

(only done custom items before and these were then applied automatically)

How do I apply it to the small and large image of the ship in my inventory?

on the CP Sheet it has the options of Personal or Public

Do i go back and apply it using the 'Personal' option or 'Public' Option in the drop down menu on the CP screen and does this take extra 100 CP'S? (no exiting image option on the drop down menu just Public and Personal, no mention of personal in the descriptions above?)

Many thanks

Thank you everyone for helping me.