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Year 14 Day 200 13:24
Sylvin Macflint

I do not understand why there is a demand for Ryll, deathsticks and the Ryll patch.
What is their purpose, their benefits and consequence. Thank you..

Year 14 Day 200 13:37
As far as I remember, instead of giving HP, it takes it away. And in canon its a popular drug, I guess thats why people want it, RP reasons.


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Year 14 Day 200 14:07
Sylvin Macflint

Thanks Lillith, According to the rules page, from what I comprehend It does heal but it addicts the user. Perhaps creating a constant demand?? Not sure.. But I don't recall ever hearing of an addicted populous on the combine. I'm wondering if they may increase specific skills in the short term with long term consequences. As PCP increases strength and blocks pain; but perhaps causes a substantial time to regain focus and health. Do these products boost any skills, strength, HP, etc.. ????

Also according to the rules page these items are currently implemented and that also puzzles me.

Edited By: Sylvin Macflint on Year 14 Day 200 14:09
Year 14 Day 200 14:27
It used to have a chance at removing HP but then med items all started healing their max HP so now ryll doesn't damage people anymore.

It has no other effects. At all.



Year 14 Day 200 14:57
Sylvin Macflint

Thank you Syn..
and you Lillith..