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Year 14 Day 206 1:35

this seems like a great idea...and to be honest i thought so until i see theres no actual gameplay, it seems to be a total waste of time. i expected quest that had to be completed, something where you can find lightsaber parts or weapon parts and you have to assemble them so that you can create your weapon. but all i get is a click here and read this and your might be able to do this and then you can read random post about this or that. try following in the line with lotro (lord of the rings online) and maybe youll have something thats worthwhile and worth looking into to play. for now, i only wish i felt like staying awake so i can delete my account on this completely bogus site.

Year 14 Day 206 1:42
Ichiru Hanabusa

this game is purposely designed like this and made by a group of volunteers not full time coders, they dont get paid for this so if you want a game like lotro.....then....go play lotro?

Year 14 Day 206 1:50
Blot Hlidskjalf

a guy without a char is complaing about gameplay he never did?

Year 14 Day 206 7:19
I think he is looking for a FB game, where a NPC tells you to click this and then that.
And then you get 10 powerpoints granting you 2 more actions, wich the NPC will tell you to use them for killing a lvl 1 bandit, giving you a crystal as reward when you defeat the bandit.
With that Crystal the NPC will tell you to go to the market and buy a magic scroll.
That magic scroll will be needet to defeat a magic creature that is guarding a chest that contains 20 powerpoints.

So you can use those powerpoints to travel to the next city and complete your first quest, the crystals you earned for completing that quest can then be used to buy that one armour you will need to defeat a lvl 2 creature and etc, etc, etc.

Invite 5 friends to earn 20 special crystals, with that you can buy a pet that will stand by your side...and is needet to defeat the dark overlord that rules the city you just arrived in.

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Year 14 Day 206 9:07
Its a browser-based game, not a flash-based game. Hence there is a lot of reading and imagination required for the various actions. The primary avenue here is the community with the game itself allowing for interactions between the players rather than hand-holding you through everything.


Year 14 Day 206 23:06
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