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Year 14 Day 207 0:37
Ok this question likely pops up quite a lot ,

If you own shares in a company on Combine , do those shares pay dividends on a monthly/ yearly basis or are they a redundant option.

I understand for purposes of RP in the game there would be scope for me to use them depending on the context of the scenario

As at present i have yet to receive a bonus for the shares , the only option it has made available to me is that possibly i may be able to get items at a slightly discounted rate.

is there are Companies etc in game that do pay dividends how would i find them ?????

Thanks for taking the time to have a read i look forward to hearing from you guys and gals

Year 14 Day 207 0:49
Xakic Jix

you only get money for your stock if you sale them or if the faction dissolves. Other then that you just get to look at the status reports of the faction. Now some faction will give discounts to share holders and such, and some groups will hold faction holder raffles. But for the most part stocks are useless to the public.



Year 14 Day 207 1:02
In addition to what he said, there are a very few factions that pay dividends.

Year 14 Day 207 5:02
Ok then that's cleared that up ,

Thanks for the information its much appreciated