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Year 14 Day 210 6:42
For some reason, it won't let me reply to a message I've gotten from someone in my faction. When I try to reply, all it says is "An error occurred: Receiver could not be found, supplied: Inronkini W� nn�©ng Alani". It seems to have turned the accents in the person's name into weird symbols.
How can I avoid such an error so that the message can be sent?

Year 14 Day 210 6:51
This is a known bug.

Bug 3012

It's an issue with how the Main server forums & DM system parses certain characters already displayed (e.g. in replying to DMs or previewing / editing a forum post).

Specifically, it'd work if you copy/paste or manually type the characters into a text field, but if you preview a forum post or Reply to a DM, it doesn't properly store the special characters.

Not sure why, exactly, because this doesn't happen on the Dev server.

e.g. Inronkini Wànnéng Alani works fine if I manually type it or copy paste and Post.

But if I edit it or Preview it first... Inronkini Wànnéng Alani

It happens with apostrophe's sometimes if copy/pasted from a Rich text editor.

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Year 14 Day 210 7:17
Xakic Jix

I used to have this issue with a few members, I think what I did was c/p and it worked fine



Year 14 Day 210 13:00
You can also try to switch your browser's character encoding from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1 or vice versa. You can switch back after replying.