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Year 14 Day 211 23:00
I know I have been asking alot of questions here lately. I apologize if people are getting annoyed. But, I have another.

What is the reasoning behind the death rule of when you die your ship goes to the pilot first as opposed to the commander of the ship?

I see it as Commander is a higher position other than pilot. Since pilots can change often. Where Commander is more set.

I had this happen here recently where I was partners with a player on a bulk freighter, and when he dropped his character the ship went to the pilot instead of me, the commander. Now had this ship been contracted to someone else to haul it and they were assigned pilot, they would have inherited this ship. Luckily I had a buddy that was set as pilot so getting it made over to me wasn't an issue. But had it been someone not so nice, I would have lost out on a ship that I owned.



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Year 14 Day 211 23:42
In my personal opinion, I think its because Pilot is the one actually Piloting the ship. So if you have someone flying a ship they do not own, at least it goes to them if the owner dies without the risk the Commander would be an ass and like unassign the pilot and trap them.


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Year 14 Day 212 6:23
Yep, Lilith is correct. Its mainly to protect the pilot from being stuck when the new owner automatically unassigns everything. SO it will always go to pilot first, purely due to safety. ALso, figure that the pilot can just fly off with it when someone die, so it makes sense.

Year 14 Day 212 7:04
Okay. Thanks.


It's who you surround yourself with, that defines you.