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Archives » Dead character still "Logging in"?
Year 14 Day 215 21:03
So I was just looking at my first character I had in this game. He died 2 years ago. On his Character Profile thing it says that the last day he logged in was year 14 day 214, and his IRC nick is Dijark_Talaer, which is mine. I had 2 other characters in the past, and they don't show up with my IRC nick and log in date. So I'm thinking this is just something that happens to a character if they die.

My question is, is it a bug? And if it is, can it be fixed?


Oh, by the way, the dead characters name is Muur Kibska. You can look at the profile page for yourself.

EDIT: Out of curiosity, I just tried to log in as him, but it didn't work. So it shouldn't be saying he is logging in.

Edited By: Dijark Talaer on Year 14 Day 215 21:06
Year 14 Day 216 16:01
I suspect the login date doesn't actually distinguish properly between characters since it's still the same account. Last I knew it doesn't distinguish between successful logins and login attempts either, since banned players often display as recently logged in, while their accounts are still banned. It would require some re-coding in any case. You can submit a bug report for it if you'd like to see it done.

Edited By: Syn on Year 14 Day 216 16:02