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Archives » Help with initial log-in...
Year 7 Day 100 22:10
I recently signed up under the name of 'Jay Quade', and I got a confirmation e-mail with a password etc...

However, when I tried to log-in, it simply says 'No Such Handle'. Could this be a simply database problem? I'm *really* eager to start playing!

Year 7 Day 101 11:43
Tenchi Jade

I have been on since last year so I may be able to help you. If it says No such Handle maybe you are typing the name incorrect. Also, Try to capitalize it when you type.

Year 7 Day 101 15:08
I am writing it exactly as the e-mail requested. With capitals at the start of both the first and last names. I have even tried all capitals, and all lower case. It simply says 'No such Handle'. My guess is I wasn't properly added to the database.

I don't want to re-register, because a) it takes ages, and b) I will probably get banned.

Has this happened to anyone else before? If so, what did you do??? Thanks.

Year 7 Day 101 15:18
Tenchi Jade

I have no idea in that case. Try to e-mail them.

Year 7 Day 101 15:51
Thanks anyway! But yeah, I sent an e-mail to