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Archives » Planet control and design
Year 14 Day 218 16:46
Robert Gunns

Hey guys.

I am still fairly new to the combine but I was wondering about controlling planets. I understand only factions can control a planet but what would be the best way (fastest considering the 7 day head start) to control it without anyone else getting into it?

I have a list of how many flats for a planet size but what is best to build HR 30s/40s/50s?

Also are there any design tools (apart from the city design) that helps you see how what you are doing will effect the global stats of the planet.

Thanks for helping out.

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Year 14 Day 218 19:07
Kyran Caelius

Hotels are best for establishing initial control and SS100s are best for longevity (stats wise). You want to utilize HR50s for FI, but not control.

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Year 14 Day 218 19:34
Factions, not fractions...

As Kyran said hotels are best to gain control as they will finish within that 7 day window - HRs and Skyscrapers will take much longer and are only useful for consolidating control later. Just be aware that power gens will take a few days longer than hotels so you will need to manually power up the hotels later.

As for design tools, there is the city designer though that is really for looking at just one city. If you want to compare an entire planet there are no inbuilt tools however various people have spreadsheets that let you calculate all that.


Year 14 Day 218 19:55
Robert Gunns

Thanks for the information (and spell check) guys.

Any idea who may have one of the spread sheets for purchase?


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Year 14 Day 219 7:47
Look in the forums. Unfortunately we are not allowed to advertise so we cannot tell you specifically who sells one (*ahem*) but we can point you to where you can look.


Year 14 Day 230 17:08
Helena Gladio

You can also send Ellias a private message. He can point you to a spreadsheet for millionaires.



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Year 14 Day 291 11:21
I have a bit of a follow up question on this. Say an individual wants to secure a planet for themselves. Is there any way to do with without slabbing the entire surface?

For that matter, am I correct in my thinking that a faction can secure a planet without slabbing the whole surface by gaining control through hotels?


Year 14 Day 291 13:35
Ara`il Sa`ren

As far as I am aware:

The only way for an individual to 'secure' a planet is for them to slab every surface and secure that slab by building a facility on it to prevent decay; usually a fountain as they are cheap. In short, no.

Factions can control a planet by controlling at least x population (increases with planet size) as long as they also control more than half of the total planetary population. For most planets this can be done by just building a slab and lots of Hotels. Maybe 2-3 slabs for larger planets.

Population can also be created through a variety of other facility types, just Hotels are the quickest to build and hence more useful for securing planets during build wars or after they have just been found.


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Year 14 Day 291 16:31
Temporarily use a faction to hold the planet, then shield the planet, Or you can slab bomb it, but then its horrendously ugly.

Year 14 Day 291 17:03
You could use hidden slabs, though they are twice as expensive and have restrictions on facility sizes/types that can go on them.


Year 14 Day 291 20:14
Slab bombing is ugly. And leaves no hunting grounds.

So as long as a faction gets control no one else can build cities without permission, correct?

Thanks for all the info!


Year 14 Day 291 20:55
Yes. Once a faction controls it, you and the controlling faction have complete control.

Year 14 Day 292 2:03
While slab bombing is ugly, some groups like to slab bomb initially and then allow all the excess slabs to decay after they've built up enough population to maintain control, thus freeing up all the extra terrain again.



Year 14 Day 292 15:20
Also some recycling factions like it when players slab bomb and do not want to wait for it to decay, instead they hire A recycling faction to recycle the slabs for them...

Edit: Forgot I can't advertise my factions services in this forum.

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