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Archives » is banner exchange fubar?
Year 14 Day 220 9:34
I combed the forums, and posted a bug report a week ago (just as a heads up)

Having problems with the following:
1. Adding a new banner
2. Accessing any tabs once logging in
3. Top sites don't change
4. Getting "login error" after logging in and trying to do anything
5. No CPs

I'm not intending to sound like a dick, just wanted to bring this to your attention.

Year 14 Day 220 9:58
I have issues with it too, I can only log in but not able to edit anything.

Edited By: Lilith Delcroix on Year 14 Day 220 9:58

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Year 14 Day 220 10:01
Yessiree. I have not received CP bonus for Banner Exchange since Day 199. Not looking for a reimbursement, but something certainly seems amiss.

Edited By: Junta Vosh on Year 14 Day 220 10:02

Year 14 Day 221 16:50
Shobba Pau

While we are on the subject.. can we not have the old and irrelevant banners removed?


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Year 14 Day 222 14:31
^ +1 on that.

Year 14 Day 247 13:37
Xakic Jix

I didnt want to open yet another Banner Exchange thread...

But how long does it take for the account to be approved and the banner to be added??



Year 14 Day 247 21:03
Kendall Holm

As of right now .... who knows. We dont have to many overly active people right now. You can try asking the person who is in charge of that but I am not sure who handles those

Edited By: Kendall Holm on Year 14 Day 247 21:04

Year 14 Day 247 23:44
Contacts page has an e-mail address that's supposed to be updated to forward to whoever the current director is at any given time, on the off chance the page itself hasn't been updated. Char is active, though, so he should be able to help with banner exchangey stuff.

Edited By: Syn on Year 14 Day 247 23:44


Year 14 Day 247 23:45
Xakic Jix

Awesome..thank you Kendall and Syn.



Year 14 Day 258 5:15
Xakic Jix

Ok, so what do you do when you have submitted everything, placed the banner exchange own your site and nothing happens? Then you e-mail the person in the contact listing for the banner exchange and do not get any type of response?



Year 14 Day 258 13:29
If no response, nothing you can do but continue waiting. It's such a low-priority area of SWC it's unlikely anyone else is going to deal with it.



Year 14 Day 258 13:34
Xakic Jix

Gotcha... well at least i can put that behind me and move on to something else :P



Year 14 Day 318 3:15
John Gunn


I'm having problems as well, I've trying to advertise the opening of my new (IC) business for several weeks.

I contacted Char, he said he'd look into it but I never heard back...

Opening day is tomorrow. :(


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Year 14 Day 318 10:40
If your business involves some sort of sales, purchases, or services, the Commerce forum will get you more attention than the banner exchange anyway, particularly in the short term.