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Archives » Constructing Buildings - Materials not found
So I'm still learning some of the games mechanics like how to construct and build cities, so my faction leader sent me on a mission to build a city on a planet and was helping walk me through all the steps.

But once we got started we hit a snag, the game keeps thinking I have no materials. According to my faction leader they are all supposed to be on my ship, and when I look at the material logs myself they are indeed supposed to be on my ship. But when I search my ship I can't find them anywhere.

So whenever I leave the ship and start to build a building, it gives me an error message that I have no materials to do the construction with. We've both been trying to figure out what the issue here is for a while now and I just had to make over the materials back to him so he can do a bug search through it.

Has anyone ever encountered anything similar and/or be able to help with this?


Nevermind, once the faction leader sent me the materials back saying the bug search produced nothing the building suddenly started working.

So it looks like a simple case of 'Did you try turning it off and on again?".


For faction builds you need the Assign RM priv to be able to use faction owned RMs for building.