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Year 14 Day 223 14:40
Xakic Jix

I understand there is a random factor in them collapsing, but what if one collapse every other time it mines. Is there something I can do to help prevent this?



Year 14 Day 223 14:51
Kyran Caelius

Other than having a LIN-series Miner droid present, no.


Year 14 Day 223 16:11
Sylvin Macflint

I'm not sure about this Xakic, maybe someone knows for sure..
But I thought it may be the case where a players skill in management might influence the process..

Partially implemented
Management is used in construction, production refining, and mining. A good manager increases his workers' productivity, and reduces production delays and cost.
Planet magistrates also receive an additional 1% of taxes for their planets for each level in Management.'

But as Kryan mentioned LIN droids will definitely affect the chances of averting mine collapses.

Year 14 Day 223 16:35
Kyran Caelius

Management merely lowers the price to mine.


Year 14 Day 223 16:42
Xakic Jix

awesome.. thanks guys, that is what I thought. And you only need one right or does more then one help?



Year 14 Day 223 17:24
Kyran Caelius

You only need one, and you're welcome.


Year 14 Day 223 20:59
I believe you can also reduce your exposure to large losses by lowering your yields, either through removing npc's or setting lower amount. Although this tactic also lowers the size of the mineral veins the on-site prospectors occasionally find.


Year 14 Day 225 7:37
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir

Excerpt from the rules page on mine colapse

10/ Mine Collapses « Back To Top
If a new pocket of deposit is not found, then a similar check is done with parameters:
Chance = Random1 + Terrain Prob
Success = Random2
Terrain Prob: Terrain Probability of having a raw material deposit as stated on the Planetary Grids
Random1 (0..40)
Random2 (30..80)

If this check is successful then the mine suffers a collapse that costs a random amount between 25k and 100k. The deposit is reduced by the amount the mine would have yielded plus a fifth of the deposit size for the type of materials being mined and no materials are yielded. If the cost cannot be covered, then clean up cannot be done and no materials are added back in. If the collapse cost has been payed then the clean up is done and between 5% and 75% of what the yield would have been is yielded.

Year 14 Day 225 14:27
Darian Dash

LIN droid is the way to go and more than 1 has no extra effect.
The only problem is that you may have a crap deposit you're trying to deplete for a reprospect.
I deplete small vertex deposits for reprospect and don't use LIN droids.
I don't care if the mine collapses and shrinks but i hate it when you find a new vein and the deposit size grows.