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Year 14 Day 226 9:24
I'm new player and I can't find any shop on planet where I spawn. Is it possible? I'am going for 3 days and I see only flats and offices but not any NPC shop or Starport.

Year 14 Day 226 9:31
Blot Hlidskjalf

There should shops and starports at any homeworld.
If you spawned at the HQ of your faction, it may be, that there is a starport and/or a shop.
To be sure check the list below if there should be a shop/starport at your location:
List of NPC-Shops
List of NPC-Starports

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Year 14 Day 226 9:44
Yes, I saw these lists but the planet (Urce III) where I spawn isn't on the lists.

Year 14 Day 226 10:18
You likely spawned at your factions headquarters then. Such locations do not normally have npc shops. You will have to travel to one, buy gear from players, or ask your faction to supply you with gear.

Year 14 Day 226 10:33
Yes, I spawned in the HQ but I left the building and start to travel in the city and I can't find the shop.

Year 14 Day 226 10:35
It probably doesn't have a shop then, check name of the city and then look at the list, if its not here, its in different city.


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
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Year 14 Day 226 10:48
But I can't find the planet on the lists too. Not only the city.

Year 14 Day 226 10:53
Then that means there is no shop on the planet. They are mostly on homeworlds, not all factions had the chance to put one on their planet.


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
--> Lvl 5 FI Operator - Free Service <--