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Year 14 Day 227 6:32
I've recently hopped into a faction with the intent of building faction specific facilities. I begin the construction process, making sure all aspects are correct. However when prompted to choose the quantity of RMs to be used, no selections were able to be selected. None were listed.

Sitting in my city is a BFF1 loaded with the RMs to complete the builds. I've drawn resources from there on previous builds, in other factions, with no issue. Currently my build privies are: Production: 3, Datacard: 1. On builds previous to this I was granted these privies: Facility: 6, Materials: 1, 2, Production: 4, as well as Production: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6. These worked wonderfully. So the questions I'm asking, could it be possible that I have not been given enough/the proper privileges? What are the appropriate privileges for such a situation?

Thanks in advance!


Year 14 Day 227 7:47
Kendall Holm

Either not enough privs or the faction doesnt own the RMs


Year 14 Day 227 8:08
Xakic Jix

also if you are in more then one ship you will not be able to build if the BFF is squadded. When I have hopped or allowed people to hope the only privs I have need as been the production privs and the mats assign privs. and like Kendall said the mats need to be owned by the faction you are building for.

I hope this helps.



Year 14 Day 227 8:22
I own the RMs. Would I need to make them over to the faction? That just doesn't sound right...

EDIT: However, if that would be the solution, I'll try it.
EDIT II: Nope. Need better privies. Messaged the faction regarding this.
EDIT III: Opps! The BFF was squadded after all! *slowly pushes ryll away*

Thanks guys!

Edited By: Jax Starblade on Year 14 Day 227 10:53

Year 14 Day 227 10:47
If you are building a faction-specific facility, usually the faction needs to own the RMs.

Year 14 Day 227 14:52
You can use personally owned RMs but you need to select them manually. In the panel of the rms click on the + sign, it will expand and you can then select the personally owned rms to use for faction owned builds.

Year 14 Day 227 15:49
Got it handled. It was due to the BFF1 I had my RMs in being squadded. I totally forgot about that. Thanks a bunch guys, and thanks to that very understanding and patient faction!


Year 14 Day 227 20:00
You should also need the assign RMs priv if building for a faction, otherwise the RMs are unavailable. Unless they changed that again.