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Archives » mIRC 3rd party download program harms your computer?
Just had a discussion with a Mibbit user.
He uses the default chat, i explained that there is a program he can download called mIRC, handy tool for logging chats and such.
I gave a link to the SWC guide

He said it uses a third party prrogram to download the program, no idea what that means.
But he said it can harm his computer, i said i never heard of such a thing.
Anyway, guy is paranoid now and i wonder if he is right or not.

Is there a 3rd party program if you want to download the mIRC program SWC suggests?

Thank you.


Last time I checked, you can download the installer from the mIRC homepage

It's the complete program, no additional files need to be downloaded.

It is possible that his antivirus software catches a false positive when installing mIRC (depending on his heuristic settings and current definition file.). In that case, he should send the caught file to the people who make his antivirus so that they can have a look.

Last time I checked, mIRC didn't contain any spyware, viri or other harmful code.

Finally, I'm not really sure why you would use a 3rd party software to download mIRC ... unless you need to use a download manager, but then that software is one you installed previously.

The virus thing is what someone else told me, that his antivirus program has flagged it.
So if there is a 3rd party program its one he already has on his computer?
Is there a way for him to avoid using that program?
Anyway, thanks for the info, seems i was right ^_^


It really depends on what he is doing exactly and when the antivirus message about harmful software pops up.

He could have downloaded a "modified" version of mIRC from a not-so-reliable source, that could have malware added to mIRC (in which case, he should download it from the actual mIRC website).

He could also have installed additional scripts, that might trigger his antivirus (mIRC can be extensively modified). Some of the script creators might provide packages that contain mIRC and their own scripts, which might trigger the antivirus (see above).

If he already has harmful software on his computer, then mIRC isn't really a problem, but him not removing that software is.

Basically, without some detailed information, I can't really help much.

Maha Michi

Perhaps they are trying to download from a site, such as

Communication overview

mIRC page specifically:


No, he followed the link provided in the guides page
If i see him again, ill ask for details. atm he only uses the default gamechat (Mibbit)
So i don't think he has a older or modified mIRC program.


Kendall Holm

Get what AV he is using.


While I do thank Neria for trying to help; she got most of the details wrong.

The conversation started about logging chat; and Neria's initial recommendation was Icechat. I expressed some concern about potential third party Installation Programs (not download managers), so I did a packet source scan of the download. What this showed was most of the packets had the same publisher, and one did not. The most likely explanation is that the unusual packet was meant to begin the installation process; it is a fairly common practice at smaller software companies to use the installation programs (basically a program meant to unzip and adapt the settings to various OS's) developed by other companies.

Now, here is the risk: third party installation programs don't always shut off when they perform their task; in fact, many have been co-opted by advertisement and marketing companies (especially the less than scrupulous ones) to enable other programs to be installed on the computer, without user permission or knowledge. Common ones are those that spam you with adds at annoying times, or will play random videos on the sides of some webpages. Its called Adware; and it is only one step up from Malware. On rare occasion, viruses and malware are installed as well.

Due to previous experiences, I never download, or install, anything onto my computer that has a third party installation program (or download manager for that matter, but this isn't about the download), without knowing if I can trust the program. And with only the publisher's ID to go by, it isn't easy to check.

I tried explaining this to her, however seeing as there were 4 of us all talking at once, it make sense that a few things got lost in translation. mIRC may have been mentioned, but again, 4 people talking at once; IRC was a mess.

Thank you all for your time.

Well, i did reccomend Icechat because i use it myself.
But i gave a link to the guidepage, so assumed he was talking about mIRC lol.
Anyway, same aply's for Icechat, i didn't had a 3rd party for downloading icechat.


The confusion here is that icechat is considered a third party program. As is any other client that would require downloading.

Anyway it's just personal preference. For logging, a third party program is needed. While I've never heard of any issues with the most common IRC clients if downloaded straight from their own sites, not everyone wants to use 'em and that's why web-based clients exist as an alternative.



Oh i see it now, i think.
Thanks for the help all ^_^



Do old version of mirc (6. something). You don't have to pay for anything.



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Money wasn't even the concern! Trusting the source and third party software was the concern, which using a different download side actually only exacerbates.