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Archives » What software should i use to Mod a Picture?
Drashik Barran

Basic question i know...

Thali`a N`ightshade

You could use any number Drashik. I have Photoshop but use Gimp more often. Gimp is free and photoshop you can get on a trial basis as it is expensive to buy

Im not the best artist but use them for cleaning up pics and editing.

Good luck tho and look forward to seeing some stuff you do



photo ThalJDnew_zps74605fe0.png
Drashik Barran

Thank you Thali'a! Will try Gimp then. I'm just trying to see if i can do it so i don't have to ask someone to do it for me. Thak you for the tip

Best regards


We need each other...
I use Paint.Net + a whack of plugins. I haven't tried GIMP though.

Ara`il Sa`ren

I use GIMP for all my 2d needs. It can be a bit daunting at first but once you get your head around all the features you can produce some lovely pieces of art! My advice would be simply practice, practice, and more practice! Don't be afraid to experiment with features, and if you need help with a particular feature or activity, there are usually people hanging around in #public-art who can help :)

Good luck!

Varlathotep Al`Jormungandr Ragnvaldansson

I use Photoshop far more often than Gimp, but I also use a lot of tools that are either not available to Gimp, or are extremely unstable in Gimp. But, just starting out, Gimp most definitely is great for learning how to do recolors.


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Kendall Holm

If you are going to do just recolors GIMP is fine and more cost efficient. I spent over 600$ for my copy of photoshop but I do a lot more with it so it was worth the cost to me but to a beginner yeah no


Darian Dash

I agree with Kay.
As a beginner I've found paint.net very useful and pretty easy to use.


Drashik Barran

Great! I will try to see all of them and find out what suits me better. Thanks for the help guys.



We need each other...
Filithell Arborin

I use gimp exclusively.


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Dan Hakim

I like Paint.net (PDN) too. It's free, there are a load of tutorials and plug-ins available and I just found it all round better than GIMP. Also the newer versions are far easier to use than some of the older ones were. My girlfriend started with PDN and she's a bit technophobic, she now has to use InDesign for work and found some of the things she learned from PDN gave her a better understanding of this kind of program.