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Archives » Is dissolution timer bugged?
Year 14 Day 273 3:30
Ka`rla Leakey

Just asking as we are currently counting down even though we have enough active members :/

I would be inclined to believe that maybe somebody logged on and upped our counts but if that is the case we are not getting the 'xxx returned from inactivity' messages so there is a problem with events somewhere.

Cant bug it as not sure what the error is.

Year 14 Day 273 4:08
Well, if it is not working as described on the dissolution rules, it is a bug and should be reported.

However, the "X returned from inactivity" occurs when someone returns after being offline for three weeks, and the dissolution timer is based on someone having been online in the last week, so if their period of not logging in doesn't reach the full three weeks, you wouldn't receive that notice for them anyway.



Year 14 Day 273 6:07
Ka`rla Leakey

Okay thanks for that but would have been nice to know who the none logger was :)

Year 14 Day 273 13:06
You can set the Inactivity Timer that sends the notification anywhere from 1-8 weeks.

Year 14 Day 273 14:01
Ka`rla Leakey

Just checked and ours was already set at 1 week so that just seems to change the colour of the text on the memberlist and not the event trigger time as Syn has already said is set at 3 weeks.

Year 14 Day 273 18:14
It should also be changing the event trigger if you have a specific time set; it previously just defaulted to three weeks. The event trigger seems to be working properly on dev.