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Archives » May be stupid question but here we go ^_^
I've noticed there is a lot of money in having a faction
(something I'd very much like to do when I'm not so noobish)

I've also noticed there are many different ooc familiarities
With the factions in swc like:
government have army's ranks and so on
Some Paramilitary are like hells angels philosophy

Here's my question:
Is it possibly to have a mafia with organised crime or
Pirates with ships rum and stolen booty
And so on

Like I said you read this and just say..........Idiot
But I needed to ask

[ RG ]




I've never been with their faction, but I always looked at Black Sun as the Mafia.

Not sure if I really would look at any existing faction as Rum Runner equivalents - there's not exactly any really illicit materials.

Some governments have some stuff as contraband in their space and so not allowed, but not once I saw anyone actually stick to it. Beside GE when they needed an excuse to kick someone out. You can have any faction you want, its up to you and the members how you role-play it. My recycling group isn't far from anarchists for example. Although any criminal factions tend to struggle because there isn't much opportunity to do much beside scamming and looting other factions, which doesn't hold much RP value in my opinion.


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Is it possibly to have a mafia with organised crime or
Pirates with ships rum and stolen booty
And so on 

It's possible, but difficult at this stage in the game. Some previous incarnations of Black Sun were a rather effective mafia. Some previous actions of Eidola and a few short-lived pirate groups involved hijacking other factions' ships and assets.

Given enough fortuitous opportunity and cleverness, it's certainly something that can be pulled off from time to time, but for the most part factions begin to develop those reputations and some of that is reinforced through roleplaying scenarios or general attitude of the group members.

So it depends on what you're looking for. If you are specifically interested in means of crime that rely exclusively on implemented features, at the moment you have little choice but to seize opportunities when they arise, because these things depend greatly on the voluntary actions of your would-be targets.