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Archives » i want to do two things...
Year 14 Day 276 9:32

I really want to reset this account and delete/deactivate two multis that were accidentally created last night. Last night when I was making my character, I picked the wrong race and I want to reset asap but I'd rather not wait 20 days... The multis' creations were both purely on accident and were never meant to be created. If someone could help me out, I'd be grateful.


Bianca Van Heusen
Year 14 Day 276 9:38
You need to file a support ticket and include the handles/e-mail addresses on the other accounts.



Year 14 Day 276 9:43
i did already im just waiting to get a reply back.


Bianca Van Heusen
Year 14 Day 276 9:44
im just concerned because i haven't received a response about my initial ticket.


Bianca Van Heusen
Year 14 Day 276 9:45
that and i have no clue wat my ticket ids are.


Bianca Van Heusen
Year 14 Day 276 9:49
as much as i am waiting for a response, it hasn't come yet and it's making me concerned.


Bianca Van Heusen
Year 14 Day 276 10:31
This can't be expedited here; the support tickets will be answered when the ASims are able to.