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Year 14 Day 282 9:22
I'm having, as the title suggest, some issues with items production. I go into the factories that I own, am the operator and are located in my personal city, and when I press the Production button I receive the following red message:

An error occurred: You do not have the required production privilege

I've been producing items for a long time, and never had this happen. I checked with the managing faction, and they assured me I had all the privies I require. I have DCs and enough RMs, which I own and are in the factories. Am I missing something or is there *whispers* a bug?

Thanks for any and all help regarding this matter!


Year 14 Day 282 10:43
There was a bug (not sure if it ever got fixed) wherein if you didn't get assigned BOTH of the "Can Produce in..." production privs (I think those are Production 1 and Production 2) then it'd throw that privilege error.

I'd check that first, since you're saying its ALL your factories you've tried recently. If it's still an issue, write down everything in detail for a bug report.

Year 14 Day 282 12:45
Thanks Kay!


Year 14 Day 282 19:15
I presume the item faction you are in is assigned as manager of the factories?


Year 14 Day 282 22:30
Yes, They are...


Year 14 Day 283 6:55
Loftano Drak

Have you considering checking if the RMs are in the faction and you've also been assigned to RMs? Its stupid but its happened before that prevented construction of stations/production.

Year 14 Day 287 8:40
Um... *takes a toot of ryll* My bad... Didn't realize governments weren't as powerful as they seem. Looks like I was simply in the wrong faction type for the task I was trying to preform.

*toots more ryll with the opposite nostril* I really need to quit this stuff. Anyhow, thanks all for your help. I greatly appreciate it. Sorry it was all in vain.


Year 14 Day 287 16:10
Deleted Post
Deleted by Syn. Reason: He knows where the problem was; there's no point in mocking