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Year 14 Day 284 19:28
I've joined the Banner Exchange for my little business to help advertise...

I've applied the HTML code. to my site. It shows up on EVERY PAGE since it's a global header.

I've added my OWN banner.

Now, when I try to edit my banner because it looks silly... It says :


The information you entered was incorrect or not found in the database! Please go back and try again!

phpBannerExchange version 1.2
Administered by: Star Wars Combine Banner Exchange Director"

Will someone PLEASE tell me who runs this. I haven't gotten my 5k CP's yet. I've been active in the exchange for almost a week now, I think. It may be more than that... I KNOW my information is right because it takes me STRAIGHT to my banner page, with my stats and everything.

PLEASE tell me who runs this thing... It doesn't even say, at the bottom... Just "Star Wars Combine Banner Exchange Director"...


I have PLENTY of patience... But this is testing my limits... I just wanna fix my freakin banner and make it with the correct dimensions... >.<"


*Frustrated look*

<3 Lyli


Year 14 Day 284 20:48
Last I knew, Char`Kargis Olort was Banner Exchange Director.

Year 14 Day 284 21:49
Thanks Jevon... =}

You're always so helpful! Gosh, you're awesome =3

Edited By: Lylith Pless on Year 14 Day 293 15:21

Year 14 Day 285 3:57
For future reference, if you look at the top of any page, and click on the Contact Us link, it will show you how to contact any department, as well as who runs it (where applicable).



Year 14 Day 285 4:34
I discovered that they don't give out 5,000 CPs for joining the banner exchange anymore, and evidently haven't for quite some time. Don't be surprised if you only get half.


Year 14 Day 285 5:16
Xakic Jix

Also do not be surprised if you get no response. I have had this issue for a while now myself.



Year 14 Day 285 9:34
That makes the banner exchange much less appealing >.<"

Thanks for the input, guys... I didn't know it'd been offline for so long.

Syn. I checked that. Thanks... For the suggestion. =]