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Year 14 Day 290 14:27
I recently have been tasked by my faction to haul 10 crates of items to a different system. Not a huge deal until I accidentally removed an item from a crate. So I now have 9 crates of 7 items and 1 crate of 6 items (and the item itself). I was wanting to know if there is a way to return the item to it's original crate. I can repackage it, but I'm looking for a way to stick with my original crates.

Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks!

Year 14 Day 290 14:30
Ichiru Hanabusa

fully unpack the 6 crate then repack the items to crate

Year 14 Day 290 14:31
Xakic Jix

empty all of the crate with only 6 items.. then select all 7 single items and repackage them



Year 14 Day 290 14:50
He does not want to repackage, but to stick it in original crate, if i got it correctly. Not gonna happen, you'll have to repackage, or just to deliver as it is, original crate plus one item aside.

Year 14 Day 290 14:53
Xakic Jix

Original crate doesnt matter. If he unpackages the rest of that crate, he can then repackage them all together.



Year 14 Day 290 16:26
Thanks for the help! I appreciate it