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Archives » Question about dropped character
Year 14 Day 292 9:17
I had a friend that dropped character. He is on one of my ships so I'm looking at the lost soul npc. My question is, how can I get my stuff back? He is wearing a back pack that I own with a couple of hundred million credits worth of items in it also all owned by me?

Year 14 Day 292 9:35
Ichiru Hanabusa

if you own the npc tell it to drop the stuff if not you have to a/e it

Year 14 Day 292 9:44
Xakic Jix

if it is a lost soul just DM Ellias, he will make it over to you



Year 14 Day 292 15:53
Vaas Dae`skal

or stick it in a bacta tank

Year 14 Day 292 17:13
It won't let me arrest him because my faction doesn't own the NPC. The guy was in my faction but I guess that doesn't matter? I dm'd Ellias about it so maybe that will help.

Edit: Ellias fixed it for me, close please.

Edited By: Rael sul C`an on Year 14 Day 292 19:40