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Year 14 Day 301 8:57
Hi, I just wanted to ask, why my facilities stopped generating income, even though they are all powered?
Thanks for reply



Year 14 Day 301 9:01
Ichiru Hanabusa

are they set open to all and were the managers + op active?

Year 14 Day 301 11:12
Ka`rla Leakey

and if applicable assigned as managers to the correct faction type?

Year 14 Day 301 23:44
Yes I have them open and assigned to me, Management =3



Year 14 Day 302 0:11
It uses diplo/trading, not management, but that shouldn't stop them from generating income.

Were you active within one of the 7 days leading up to the last income run?

If you're sure that you were, open a support ticket with some of the facility IDs so an asim can look into it. Might need to wait until FI runs in a couple days to confirm it though.



Year 14 Day 302 3:28
Also, as Ichiru said, was the operator active as well in the 7 preceeding days? And as Ka`rla said, are they special facilities (ie temples, churches, etc) that need a specific faction type to be managing as if they are and you are managing them, they will not earn any income.


Year 14 Day 303 1:01
Oh, problem solved, looks like I might have not been too active in those 7 days, sorry for making problems, and thank you all for answers