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Archives » How do I set up a multi account?
I need to know how to set up a multi account because me and my brother often use the same devices and computers. Please any help would be great .

from the rules pages

"[...]If you are sharing your computer or internet connection with other persons that are also members of the Combine, you must register all accounts by using the "contact support" link - this includes handles and the email addresses of all players using the computer.[...]"

your multi information are shown here:

And you are asked to open a support ticket here:


Year 14 Day 302 11:20
Do I have to open one ticket for each handle or Just one?


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Year 14 Day 302 12:41
Just one, but MAKE sure you have both handles included.



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Year 14 Day 302 12:42
I recommend that both of you open a ticket.
To be on the save side.


Year 14 Day 302 19:49
Just one. Duplicates create extra work.



Year 14 Day 311 23:00
I have done it but haven't gotten any notification. What do I do?


Odds are for people who want to minimize there own risk, SO NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS!!!
Year 14 Day 311 23:39
Go to "Settings" at the top of any page; the multi-accounts information on the bottom left of the settings page will update with the names of your multis once it's updated.

But as long as the ticket is in place it's no big deal if it takes a while for someone to update it. Tickets are checked before bans happen.



Year 14 Day 312 12:28
The Multi accounts notification on the settings page doesn't work, hasn't worked in years. It not only will not list your Multi's, it won't even state that you are indeed a registered multi. I've been a registered multi with my RL daughter for approx 3 years and have asked admins many times over that period when that feature would be fixed. Their response was to ignore it. They keep the records themselves and you cannot see that you are listed as such.

Year 14 Day 313 18:29
It works sometimes - for example, mine shows up. It's worth checking, I'd say.