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Year 14 Day 304 8:20
Ok not sure if this is a right place for this or if there should be somewhere else it belongs. If it belongs somewhere else feel free to move it.

Well I was looking at some NPCs I have had for a long time, and at all there unused SP. It got me thinking what I should spend it on. So anyone got any clues on what it should be spent on?

The NPC classes are Builder, Rifleman, Worker


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Year 14 Day 304 8:44
Ka`rla Leakey

Well since only one of them is a combat NPC I would put those points into the appropriate weapon skill to boost hit chances. Either that or give them a super dodge skill so they last longer when people/beasties shoot at them.

the non combat NPC's are just fodder of sorts so again either boost their HP with strength skill or give them super awesome dodging ability.

Year 14 Day 304 15:39
Maha Michi

Non-combat NPCs aren't just fodder.

For Builder and Worker NPCs:
If you want to spend the skill points, then perhaps look at boosting their management skill.


Year 14 Day 304 18:58
Skills have no effect on builder/worker speeds so that would be pointless. Best bet at the moment is to increase stealth to hide from enemies, or the various HP enhancing stats for when NPCs can be shot at outside of Derra.

I've not heard of any skill requirements for NPCs for performing their duties such as construction, production etc in the pipeline so I wouldn't worry overly about that.


Year 14 Day 304 19:08
Combat NPCs are the only main NPCs that use their skills. Management for builders and such won't impact anything.

Year 14 Day 304 20:56
[quote]Management for builders and such won't impact anything.{/quote]

What about A/E?


Year 14 Day 305 5:39
I suppose you could add to those skills if you plan on entering some build wars.

Year 14 Day 306 7:50
Thanks for all the responses, I was mainly asking because of the workers/builders. As I hadn't heard of any skill requirements to do there jobs.


\"A diplomat is a person who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you actually look forward to the trip.”