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Archives » New faction assets reduction
Year 14 Day 307 12:24
Filithell Arborin

I started my new faction and immediately received a message stating my assets value had been reduced by 50% and I am now in danger of bankruptcy. Is this a bug? First time I have started my own faction so still learning was is and is not functioning in terms of coding/bugs.

Year 14 Day 307 12:58

Without going into numbers; the issue is that you started the faction with more assets than you needed, and now you have less in it. At least thats what the game thinks is happening.

I don't actually see anything removed from the faction inventory since creation, so I'm not entirely sure if I'm missing something, or if its a bug.

Gav some time ago added the option for us to tweak initial capital down so that it works, but its not been synced yet. If it becomes an issue before next sync, DM me.


Year 14 Day 307 13:57
Filithell Arborin

Thanks. I will be adding credits soon, so it shouldnt cause a huge problem for the faction. But you are right. I didn't remove any assets from the faction, it was the value of the assets that reduced by half automatically. Kinda weird.

Thanks again.

Year 14 Day 307 18:45
Filithell Arborin

Hmmm. So I added credits and now the faction is over 75m in assets. But I still get bankruptcy notifications. Weird.

Year 14 Day 308 15:22
Vaas Dae`skal

Creation capital is rm value, asset value after creation is half, that accounts for the first portion, but the continued messages I have no idea about.

Year 14 Day 308 18:14
Did they change value for factions then? It used to be 2x RMP was the value used to calculate entity value.


Year 14 Day 309 14:11
Vaas Dae`skal

I don't think so, I think I just worded it badly, the value of the asset after creation is half the value it's worth for creation would be what I was getting at. :p

Year 14 Day 311 8:47
Brand Malden

I'm not sure how they calc the initial value. Trilon Inc. used 100 mil credits to create with, and our initial value on the faction overview is a lot closer to 200 million.