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Archives » Shipyard Construction Costs?
Year 14 Day 321 9:04
Ran Sode

I've read the rules about production costs but I have to admit, It's not very clear to me. Can anyone explain how to figure out construction costs a little clearer to me? I'm attempting to build a Shipyard III in deep space. Thank you

Ran Sode

Year 14 Day 321 11:06
Xakic Jix

it will be around 50mill



Year 14 Day 321 15:37
Production copst of a SY III in DS will be about 20 mil with including RM's it will be roughly 42mil

Year 14 Day 321 16:29
Xakic Jix

since when Jay?? When my SY II in DS costed about 37mill production cost.



Year 14 Day 321 17:55
Xakic, not sure if there were other issues, but according to the rules an SY2 should be around 16mil in deepspace with an SY3 being 20mil. Thats just pure construction costs and does not factor in RM costs, DC rental costs, NPCs etc.


Year 14 Day 322 9:30
Ran Sode

Thanks guys. I only ask because I want to make sure I have enough credits before I start. I already have the required RM's and builders. Im looking to rent the DC off centrepoint, but before I do I want to make sure I got enough.

Year 14 Day 330 9:21
Ran Sode

Thought I'd follow up on this. Construction costs were ~ 19 mil for the SY3. This price did not included the costs or RMs, and builders. All together the total cost to build a SY3 was 74 mil. Varium is somewhat rare at this time and was quiet pricy. However I feel this was a great investment and look forward to building up a personal fleet and also selling some fine ships to pad my bank.

Year 14 Day 330 14:53
Wow, that's some expensive RM's. Almost 3x what a NR member would pay for them thru JMC. Anyway, glad to see you got what you were after.

Year 15 Day 113 7:35
Since this is related, is there someplace that there is a list of Darkness costs for building different stations/ships?



Year 15 Day 113 8:46
That's the "value" number on the rules page for each entity.