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Archives » Flying through or into black holes causes death?
Kuro Neko

From Rules: http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Life_and_Death

3.1/ How can you die?

Flying directly into a sun or through a black hole.


I understand that if you sub-light into a sun or black hole you will die.

I also know that if you abort hyper and come out in a sun or black hole you will die.

But if your hyper path takes you through a black hole, will you be 'pulled out of hyper' and die? I don't mean aborting, I don't mean sub-light travel. I mean, simple hyper travel that takes you through a black hole's location but with the planned end point of the journey in normal space. (I have a member who may have died this way....)

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Ichiru Hanabusa

blackholes dont pull you out of hyper as far as i know?

Never heard of that happening, plus Interdictor grav generator has been broken for years so I wouldn't think Black Hole can use it.


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Think that "through" just counts as if you travel in system with Black Hole and it is in your path. Perhaps your member just aborted hyper and was unlucky ?

Hyper has no effect. You just continue. It is only sublight/aborting hyper that could cause it.


There is currently no code to pull you out of hyperspace for celestial bodies - and, if I remember correctly, even the code for interdictor ships was removed (because it was old) after it was deactivated, and will have to be rewritten when interdiction is reintroduced.