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Archives » Fire delay loops the last minute?
Year 14 Day 328 16:45
Rho Karn

I noticed that the Fire delay seems to loop the last minute, Is this something new that was added?


Year 14 Day 328 17:01
Kendall Holm

Why would we add something like that? Its just prob looping, it does happen from time to time. Give it about 15 mins if it dont clear fill out a support ticket to have your timer reset


Year 14 Day 328 17:32
Rho Karn

I have no idea why you would do that, thats why I am asking.It has been looping the last minute after EVERY fire delay....Why?


Year 14 Day 328 18:13
Because the system doesn't update the timers every second,or even every minute. So sometimes the server and the browser don';t agree on when it should be over, so it just loops. The best way to solve this is closing the page and coming back a few minutes after the timer is scheduled to end, so that the browser isnt constantly asking for timer updates and looping like that.

Year 14 Day 328 18:14
Because the timer isn't perfectly synced between your browser and the server, so it gives you a time and at the end it contacts the server to see whats up then realises there is more time and so makes a new timer pop up.


Year 14 Day 328 18:30
Rho Karn

Ok, that makes sense. Thanks.


Year 14 Day 331 9:30
Timers run on a system wherein the server checks the "deadline" once every scheduled period - for many timers this is every minute, for some it is (or was) every 3 minutes. If your timer is set to end at 12:00:04, for example, you would have missed the check by 3-4 seconds and will have to wait until the run at 12:01:00 for most timers. The javascript that displays the timer doesn't know how to handle the fact that you're technically over the deadline time, and defaults to counting down from 1 minute, giving the impression that the timer is "looping".