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Archives » Star Wats Combine E-Mail: Real or Fake?
I have two questions:

1. Is the link really a part of this site? Or is it a clever setup by someone not actually approved by the Combine? I just want to make sure because having a Star Wars e-mail sounds pretty awesome.

2. When I looked at the sign-up sheet, I saw that it requires me to put down my family's household income. I'm not comfortable giving financial information like that out over the Internet, especially when it's information on not just me but that could potentially cause my family or me identity fraud. The information says it's required though. Is there any way to make an exception or blank out that box if this is legitimate to the actual Star Wars Combine?

I didn't really know the best place or person to ask this, so I put it on the forum where I hope the right person in charge wil see it. If this is in fact not a scam, I would like an account and don't want to be discriminated against for not putting down my family's financial status due to social and security reasons.

Sorry I sound like a lawyer. Anyway, thank you for hearing me out. :)

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Kendall Holm

I tried that address and nothing came up, but is our email site for normal users

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I forgot to mention that I heard of it from an ad at the top of the site. I thought it looked suspicious because it was an ad (yet I clicked it anyway because I like shiny things).

And that link is just copy/pasted from the site the ad took me to. IDK why it wouldn't work.

Kendall Holm

This is what I get when I trace the address



I have a swcombine email and it is a real email all my dm's are forward to it so i get them on my phone.......Just lie about your income.....



I shouldn't have to lie to get a special e-mail address. That's not right.

I guess the more pressing question is why does the administration need to know personal economic background? Is this to help advertise to more wealthy users? I don't see how it's relevant to have in an e-mail account signup.

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Holomail is run through a third party. They're asking for your information to set up the account, not the SWC administration. I'd literally never looked at it until you brought it up now, but for what it's worth it seems pretty sketchy and I'd advise against using it. I actually really dislike that SWC is associating itself with this service (overall, everything about these people makes me uncomfortable), so I'm probably going to be talking to the others about discontinuing this...

Additionally, "I don't want to be discriminated against by not answering these questions" doesn't ever work when the terms of the agreement are to answer the questions. Everyone who wants to use the service has to answer them, ergo it is the exact opposite of discrimination. It's about as meaningful of an idea as posting on facebook that all of your facebook messages are personal and private and that facebook is not allowed to use them.


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Okay then, thanks admin! I guess I just won't use that service then. Have a good day. :)

For the record, we prefer if you don't change the topics of threads in the question forums since this way users can more easily find them with the search feature if they have the same question




Personally, I'd prefer we disallow such a feature if there's no particular reason we have it. These days you can sign up for email address all over the place for free with little to no information required.

Most players I know have or whatever their handle is, and I'd much prefer that to some sketchy system that we don't own/control anyways.


Kendall Holm

I agree you can get better services and more space for free just from Google alone so you can imagine the possibilities over this