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Year 14 Day 341 10:08
Ichiru Hanabusa

so a new race with a controlled homeworld, after last time i think they should know they were not mean to slab it..... why has this happened?

Year 14 Day 341 10:30
Personally, I thought hidden race homeworlds were set up to show as darkness controlled when found. Anyways, I really have no clue what the actual plan is supposed to be with hidden races anymore.

When the system was discovered Togoria was not darkness controlled and had no indication that the Togorian race was even implemented. It looked like any other hidden planet does when found. We initially thought there was a good chance the race was implemented but there was no signs of it until just now with the reveal.

Anyways, we're easy going people so whatever the admins decide they want to do we're open to.



Y15 D337 - The day a God was proven mortal

Year 14 Day 341 10:38
Ichiru Hanabusa

there should have been a city on it before your guys landed

Year 14 Day 341 10:43

There clearly is only one city on the planet that being our control city. Maybe there should have been but there wasn't/isn't. Maybe it's a bug, but again I don't know how it's actually supposed to work or if the Admins just planned on manually changing them after reveal.



Y15 D337 - The day a God was proven mortal

Year 14 Day 341 11:30
When The last race that was found the homeworld was uncontrolled. The admins stepped in and switched it to darkness with a npc city and a starport. I expect this to be addressed. :-)


Year 14 Day 341 14:55
Fixed :)


Year 14 Day 342 9:09
To clarify, each new home-world should have a Darkness owned city already placed on it - so we retain control of all new home-worlds.

Between me and Jesfa, we must have accidently overlooked this planet, and we all make mistakes as humans! As Ghost has said, this situation has now been rectified.

In the future, if you are in any doubt that you have come across a home-world, and it is not Darkness controlled, contact either Jesfa or myself, and we can determine within 30 seconds if a race is being revealed.