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Year 14 Day 345 4:17
Maha Michi

Now that the feature is live, how do factions move their HQs to the Merchant Space Dock? Once it is moved to this station, can it be moved at a later time, such as if the station is recycled or destroyed?


Year 14 Day 345 5:03
It shouldwork like movving/building any HQ. You eitger have to increase membership enough to get a new HQ DC, or recycle your old HQ before building the station.

Year 14 Day 346 21:01

I don't think that theres actually a way to produce one yet.


Year 14 Day 347 0:12
Kendall Holm

There should be. I had them enabled. It is just their stats that are all screwed up and need to be corrected


Year 14 Day 356 12:29
Brand Malden

I always wanted one of these back when I was in a trading company, and wanted one even more after moving into ships. I can attest that this is now a working feature:

Year 14 Day 355, 12:23 Heuk Gisa has started building a Merchant Space Dock HQ in Galactic Position:

Edit: For those wondering it takes a little over 2 weeks to build and doesn't get built protected, but only costs about 88k to do so.

Edited By: Brand Malden on Year 14 Day 356 12:33

Year 14 Day 357 3:57
Ben Camden

It also seems like it is build-able by everyone. At least I get the option to construct it as a personal station when in orbit (didn't actually try though).

Also sort of silly that it is both on every factions "build-able by this faction type" list, as well as the "build-able by all one"?


Senior Governor Ben Camden
Regional Government
Year 14 Day 357 6:06
The not protecting and buildable by all sounds like 2 bugs related to it. Since the feature is still in its infant stages this kind of stuff is bound to happen.

Year 14 Day 357 21:07
Brand Malden

Ok, after further exploration, I found I need to assign the datacard to the Station. However I cannot until it's completed building. From what I gather is.. we could build 10, have them spread all around the galaxy or wherever, and should one ever get blown up just immediately assign the datacard to another. I'm not sure that's how the feature was intended to work, but from what I'm seeing that's how it is set up atm.


Year 14 Day 357 22:26
Kendall Holm

They are not buildable to all, just everyone but govs. You are limited to one and if you try to build for yourself it should boot you out telling you you cant build one. That is how I set it up on dev. If it is not doing this here on main that means they screwed something up and needs to be bug based