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Year 14 Day 347 17:58
Xakic Jix

Since the sync, when ever i click the [ View History ] tab it only shows my half of a conversation. I was wondering if this was a new implementation or a bug.



Year 14 Day 347 19:25
Darian Dash

I checked mine and asked some other of our members.
We're all working fine.


Year 14 Day 347 20:03
Xakic Jix

Thanks Mr. Dash. I guess it is a bug then... :/



Year 14 Day 347 20:04
I have messages randomly disappearing as well. It's very troublesome.

Year 14 Day 347 20:04
Not sure it still works this way (though I'm pretty sure it used to), but is it possible the other side of the convo deleted their DMs?

Year 14 Day 347 20:51
Xakic Jix

I dont know Mr. Cron. It has never happened before the sync. I mean I know they delete after so long but not in the same day and not every single DM I get. If that is the case it is a new one to me. I submitted a bug report so hopefully it gets fixed soon. :P



Year 14 Day 347 21:59
Darian Dash

A possible fix to stop it happening in future is to setup a new email account for your character and get DMs sent to darkness and email (in account settings).
Seems like a good way to save DMs rather than the copy paste to wordpad that a lot of other people use.


Year 14 Day 348 0:34
It deleted after 30 days and then its deleted from your Outbox when they delete the message in their Inbox. It might have changed that it deletes from History too now.


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Year 14 Day 348 2:40
It has always deleted after 30 days. However I believe the recent sync brought in a change where if one person deleted a DM it was removed from the history, as opposed to before where it was saved in the history until it hit the 30 day limit. Quite annoying.


Year 14 Day 348 6:25
I don't think so. I sent a DM and then immediately checked the Sent Messages tab, and it was not there. Unless the recipient deleted it within seconds of me sending it, it is a bug. Nevertheless, the DM went through.


Year 14 Day 348 14:43
Kaire Nat-Sa

I don't use DMs very much but now that i think about it a few of my DMs "disappeared" too. And i'm pretty sure it was always messages i sent to people whose profile i do not have access to. I can see the replies but not my own messages.

Year 14 Day 348 19:49
Xakic Jix

Yeah it is only the replies that are disappearing. I just see this as an issue when it comes to showing proof of scams, or harassment or anything like that. I mean having them delete immediately isnt a good idea if this was done on purpose



Year 15 Day 1 1:40
I've had the same problem as Pozz, would send messages then they would disappear straight away. No idea why.



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Year 15 Day 1 8:00
So I DM'd Zekk Yalthik (not a Reply, just a straight Addressed DM) and I got the green bar showing the message was sent, but I'm not seeing the usual pairing of his Avatar & my message sent in the "Sent Messages" listing.

I know that even Dead characters can receive DMs and show up on this "Sent Messages" List. What could it be that it won't show up?

Is it possible that entire account has been deleted under the "level 1 and 90 days inactive" ?

Could we all who have experienced it share the names sent to, and whether the person we sent to verifiably received the DM?

I have my profile hidden as well at the moment, send me a message and we'll test Kaire's theory out.

Year 15 Day 1 18:37
Xaxic, great question. I was about to ask the same question when I saw yours. I only get my sent convo as well. But because of your thread and reading peoples post I now have all mine go to my email. I didn't know you could have that. Until now.


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