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Archives » To my fellow Trandoshians and all who might know the answer
Volf Molineux

I have been researching our race and found we have a goddess called the Scorekeeper. And each Trandoshan has its own set of Jagannath points, for every kill they earn more points for when they die they are judged by the Scorekeeper.

Now to my question does anybody know how many points you get for kills. I know wookies are particularly a high point-value kill,
But what about other things.

Do we have a list of jagannath points?

Ps sorry if this is in the wrong place its just a question I had pop in my head :)



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Volf Molineux

I Have been informed that it is only the Scorekeeper who knows and gives out points..... On the basis how rare and how clean the kill was.
And she can take awayyour jagannath points if you bring shame to the Trandoshians.

If you know more add more but I think it's been answered.



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This sounds like something that would be interesting RP for Trandoshan society, where they could make up some system with points and then when one of their members die, they could have a hall of fame or such.


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Gorlyn Boggs

Do know from playing swtor that if you get captured all points are erased.


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Ric`zix Xichiz

If I recall correctly (Im remembering the Kashyyyk expansion from SWG) , there were 2 kinds of "points"- Scorekeeper (Jagannath) and Clan.

The clan system really wasnt a numerical system. 2 hunters go out, one comes back with a nerf and the other a rancor. Obviously the guy with the rancor gets more prestige within the clan, and both know where each other stands with the Scorekeeper. Rancorguy is now "holier" than Nerfguy, and they both know it. So it changes how they treat each other. (Which might make Nerfguy lead Rancorguy into a trap, and force him to lose his standing)

The Scorekeeper however, is more of a personal relationship. I'm not sure if you actually get told how many points you have until you die, which makes keeping track of them difficult to begin with.

But a point system for Trandoshans would be pretty cool.

Venari Haliat

Sorry for necroing, but this would be interesting thing to do.


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