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Archives » Any way to check for Multiaccounts?

I recently started the combine and saw the sim news about multi accounts and when I saw the addition of "I would also advise that any player currently sharing a connection with another player, register their status through the support base, to avoid unwanted attention." and it got me thinking.

I access the starwarscombine through my home and occasionally through my work network. Now even though I'm the only one at my home that is a member of the starwarscombine, I can't be too sure about work and since I rent my home, I can't be entirely sure that I'm the only one to ever set the connection up from this address.

Is there anyway of getting it checked so that I will not be penalised if it is found out that I do indeed share a connection with someone?

Plus what counts as a multi connection? For example my brother has an account and although we have no contact in game, if I access my account if I stay at his house some day will either of us be penalised even though we don't share the connection? Or is that only for people that share connections over a long term basis.

Thanks you for taking the time to read my question(s) and any help is much appreciated. I know most of this is very unlikely to happen, but there could be others in my situation, so any answers would be very much appreciated.

Varlathotep Al`Jormungandr Ragnvaldansson

If I remember right, for a work connection it's the same process as a home connection, except you just need to inform them you frequently use a public network that might have other people that are playing on it. At least that's what I had to do when I used to play on my college's network.


That's got to smarts.
If you don't know of another SWC member using your connection, don't worry about it. It's never come up that someone has been banned for that (likely because it's so uncommon for another player to be on your connection without your knowledge, since we don't have a very large player base), and it's easy enough to tell uni/work connections from private home connections.



If you have any concerns, you can always contact us and ask us to verify that your ok. We are not.. anxious.. to ban anyone and are perfectly happy to look into any concerns you may have :)





Thank you very much for your help, it is very appreciated. I'll notify the system of my brother's connection should I go to stay there. Thank you :)

One day.. I will learn from my mistakes... thanks to Loki :/