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Year 15 Day 1 11:37
Is Order 66 in the Combine canon? If not, was there an equivalent?

From the timeline it looks like the lightsaber scars on the Emperor's body was the catalyst... so did the clone troops start killing their Jedi generals due to that?


-- Razzix, MD
Year 15 Day 1 18:44
I would presume so - SWC timeline takes off from around just before episode 4, which would be after Order 66.


Year 15 Day 1 20:14
It was my understanding that SWC diverged from Star Wars Canon just before or possibly after Episode II...


Year 15 Day 2 0:16
Unless they changed it, it's always been just before E4.


Year 15 Day 2 8:12
Depends on if you're talking about tech or events I guess. None of the canon characters exist in SWC's history so the actual events would be somewhat different.



Year 15 Day 2 20:33
Right. It kind of seems like Drayson fits a sort of Emperor Palpatine role during the whole Clone Wars conflict. I guess I'm asking if he did the same stuff that Sidious did.


-- Razzix, MD
Year 15 Day 4 1:58
Ben Camden

Snippet from the SWC timeline:

The final stage of the Sith's plan was now in motion. Drayson, sporting several lightsaber cuts on his cheek and arms as well as some deformation on his right arm from force lightning, addressed the Senate, informing them of the Jedi betrayal. Throughout the galaxy, the Republic military began to murder their Jedi generals, though many were able to elude the clone troops. Drayson announced the formation of the first Galactic Empire to thunderous applause from the senators. Meanwhile such senators as Zee Wolf, Mon Akira and Syrous looked on with concern before aiding the escape of Masters Relm and Bodo Baas from Coruscant. As their goal had been achieved, Vodo Bonias met with the Confederacy's leadership on Vinsoth. Once the Confederate military had deactivated, the Sith Lord wiped out its leadership, effectively ending the conflict.

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Senior Governor Ben Camden
Regional Government
Year 15 Day 16 1:04
Right, but was that due to a super secret contingency order taught to the clone troopers or was it a public denouncement of the Jedi that caused them to be targeted?

Or maybe I'm being too nitpicky, idk.


-- Razzix, MD
Year 15 Day 16 4:32
Just an aside, but in canon Order 66 wasn't secret. It was a published and relatively well known operating procedure. Order 65 involved the removal of the Supreme Chancellor should there be a majority vote of the Senate ordering it or the Security Council declaring him unfit to serve.

The mere fact that they attempted to cover every contingency in the Contingency Orders (there were 150 of them) probably made few even bat an eyelash about the Jedi bit.