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Archives » Purchases from the market.
Year 15 Day 15 9:19
I have a question for you all.

I recently bid and won some auctions on the Market (SWC) Credits have left my account and stock shows in inventory.

The question is this: Should I be impressed that I can track the items winging their way to me via allsorts of people and ships or alarmed that none of my goods are actually in a market to collect.

This is my first time exploring the markets, so Noob again. all assistance gratefully received.


'.' I'd rather see you do it, than say it.
Year 15 Day 15 10:07
That's how it works; the assets are wherever they were at the time they ended up on the market.

It's in the first paragraph on the appropriate rules page, in fact.



Year 15 Day 15 10:34
A lot of stuff that ends up on that market is from a dead character's inventory. So it ends up wherever the previous owner left it. Food for thought when buying things on the open market.

Year 15 Day 15 10:38
The entity cannot be travelling and must be in a system, or on the ground in a city or on a planet, or inside a market. If you try to sell raw materials, then the pile can be instead located inside a NPC-owned facility. 

I believe this is what you are referring to Syn. It does rather give the impression that items are deposited/made available prior to selling. I 'assumed' the conditions were linked to the goods available.

Is there a more indepth posting about the market you could link me to please.


'.' I'd rather see you do it, than say it.
Year 15 Day 15 10:57
That only applies to stuff that people actually sell to the market; this is very, very rarely the case because there are no profits in selling to the NPC market over a person. So you get almost entirely death assets which can be spread all over.

Year 15 Day 15 11:07
Now that makes a great deal of sense, thankyou Jevon.


'.' I'd rather see you do it, than say it.
Year 15 Day 16 1:54
I believe this is what you are referring to Syn. 

No, I'm referring to this, at the end of the introduction: It is also important to note that the goods available for sale on the market are not always inside NPC-owned facilities. Therefore, it can happen that you may have to contact the owner (character or faction) of the facility containing your purchased goods in order for you to settle a way to retrieve them.



Year 15 Day 16 5:57
I have the context now, thankyou Syn.

As an observation:

The introduction seems vague, hence i missed your reference. When you now consider that the market place is mostly accessed via Spacestations etc, faction owned, that statement is theoretically true every purchase. So I didn't 'get' anything from it.

The Conditions were presumed to apply to all applicants to the market.

That all said, I can only offer the view of someone who didn't understand.

Thanks again for the help.


'.' I'd rather see you do it, than say it.
Year 15 Day 16 12:32
If you have a suggestion for the phrasing that would make it more clear to you from the perspective of someone newly using the feature (and this applies to any rules page), please feel free to post in the rules update forum so maybe we can get some of the phrasing clarified for people in your shoes in the future.