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Year 15 Day 16 3:20
I have been working on moving 120 escape pods. and it has proved to be quite time consuming given that they have been formed in to squadrons and since they have all got the same name I can't figure out which one is the leader. so I am having to go to each one and make it leave the squadron which has been taking forever. Can anyone tell me either how disband squadrons without finding the leader or how I can fined the squadron leader (remember each pod has the exact same name not a single difference)


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Year 15 Day 16 4:07
Dan Hakim

Have you tried using ship ID#s to differentiate between them?

If you enter the cockpit of a squaded ship you can still leave the squadron, click the link in the warning message.


Year 15 Day 17 0:38
This difficulty can be avoided with a little foresight when forming the squad by changing the name of the lead ship to LEADER or something similar. That won't help in your case though.


Year 15 Day 17 9:23
Matt Solomon

If you go to the [Managed Pilot Ships] part of your ship inventory, you will be able to see which entity is the squad leader.

Here is an example from my inventory:

Hawk 8
Owner: Matt Solomon
Commander: Matt Solomon
Pilot: Matt Solomon
Status: NPC (Leader: #349933)

This wil still take you a bit of time with that many epods, but at least you won't have to board them all - good luck