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Archives » how to load vehicles in a Corona
greetings everyone

the Corona has a Hangar bay, but it cannot land.

how do you load vehicles (for instance a speeder or a patrol craft) in it then?

I don't get it

Thx in advance ;-)



I believe it is as simple as doing it in atmosphere.


'.' I'd rather see you do it, than say it.
Cassan Di`Thynite

Or load them from another ship that can land.


Year 15 Day 16 15:44
Have a vehicle in a ship at the same location of the Corona, click "Dock", and dock in the Corona.


Year 15 Day 17 16:59
A ship that cannot land, cannot enter atmo.

Anyway, really easy. Get a ship that can land with a hanger bay, and load up the vehicle. THen go to where the Corona is and from the landing ships vehicle cargo page, choose the load into option to move the vehicle over. No docking needed.


Year 15 Day 36 10:00
Merlin Myk`Chur

Thanks this helps me too. :)

Year 15 Day 36 21:29
Kraak Ak-Xaiva

Can I ask a related noob question? When it says the party slot size is 12, does that mean ships it can fit in the hangar, or ships it can squad with? Or neither?

In other words, does party slot size have anything to do with the docking bay size? And if not, how can this be determined without owning said ship?

These questions are mainly for RP purposes rather than game mech...

((I'm glad someone is filling up Coronas. I spend my life emptying them.))

Year 15 Day 36 22:07
Party slot size refers to the number of squadron slots that entity occupies. You have 12 slots for your squadron. Therefore an entity that takes up 12 slots would not be able to be partied in a squadron with any other entity.

What you can dock inside an entity like a ship is determined by the cargo capacity (both volume and weight) of the host ship which limits the maximum that can go in. Then the ships etc you dock inside have their own weight/volume (not capacity) that is used to determine how much can fit.