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Year 15 Day 25 10:13

I would like to change the picture of a 20-flat facility I own.

however, when i go to CP exchange, under public images (or even reset to default), I cannot change it, ("you have no access to this facility", "no available image for that facility")

do you have any idea as to why? (I have assigned someone else as operator, I am owner and manager)



Year 15 Day 25 10:30
Did you submit a "new" image? If you didn't you cant apply any images, as there are no public or private images to apply.

Year 15 Day 25 10:43
Think that he want to switch to one of default 4 images for HR20. Which he can not, as you explained. But can art team make those default images count as public customs?

Year 15 Day 25 11:11
Kendall Holm

No, that is what the suggestion forum is for. As for a reset send the facility IDs to have them reset manually via a DM

Edited By: Kendall Holm on Year 15 Day 25 11:13

Year 15 Day 25 12:29
Thank you all for your help.


Year 15 Day 25 13:21
J'dej, I had considered allowing people to freely change between those images via the inventory screens, but it has been such a minor tool that nothing has yet come of it. I felt that would be the better option than to force people to spend CPs changing between the defaults.

Year 15 Day 25 13:27
Yes, much better option. Thought of suggesting something like that, but since it is already planned, no need for that.