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Year 15 Day 29 14:15
Varlathotep Al`Jormungandr Ragnvaldansson

Didn't you hear, Yancy? Future Art Director Meekhail is changing the requirements. All images must now be on white backgrounds!


That's got to smarts.
Year 15 Day 29 16:07
I just wanted to give people a sneak peek of my admin ship.

TARDIS my ass.

Year 15 Day 30 19:28
Kraak Ak-Xaiva

You guys do have me LMAO, hopefully not at my own expense.

I'll bow to the expertise of the actual 3d modelers here, unless someone talks me out of it. As it sounds like it would very likely be investing 16-24 hours+ of work for nothing. But I wouldn't really know until I knew which vehicles were being considered for submission.

And if 3d is the requirement, well, there's your answer Helena. There's simply a lot more important stuff to be done than designing 3d art, i would guess. I know enough about it to know how long it takes to do in detail.

Year 15 Day 30 22:34
Kendall Holm

Not much of a risk taker I take it.


Year 15 Day 31 2:48
I don't know why people say 3D is the requirement, if nothing else at least several cockpits and creatures have been done entirely 2D (drawn) and are lot better than some of the 3D models. Its all about the final result, not how you do it. The art I did for rules has been usually a mix of 3D and 2D, never heard Jevon complain about it.

Edited By: Lilith Delcroix on Year 15 Day 31 2:49

Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
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Year 15 Day 31 5:58
Yancy von Ismay

Creatures and cockpits have a different criteria when it comes to image quality. If someone submits a sketching/painting that they made (from scratch) of a ship that has a realistic feel to it...I'll give them two thumbs up. However, I'm not going to hold my breath.

Kraak, if/when a CP list is isn't released to the public. However there are plenty of entities that need to be created/replaced and they are listed in the public art forum.


Year 15 Day 31 13:52
Kraak Ak-Xaiva

Ok, I'll have a looksee.

Year 15 Day 32 5:25

Creatures and races, as far as the administration are concerned, are perfectly fine if the 2D art is well done. The creatures drawn by Rochi for example last year (year before?) came out better than almost any 3D of an "organic" model that has been made.

I don't know if 2D is allowed for ships, Jevon would know, but creatures/races are fine.

In regards to what models we do/don't need, the truth of the matter is that if you make a model for combine, that looks good enough to use, even if the ship isn't in combine yet, I'm fairly certain the Art Team would be glad to give CPs/use it. R&D is coming up, and there's thousands of entities to make images for.


Year 15 Day 33 12:10
Kraak Ak-Xaiva

If I wanted to get into a 3d modelling program and just fool around a little, are there any that offer free demos, or the like?

I used to know the names of some of those, but I gave up on art as a profession like ten years ago.

Year 15 Day 33 12:40
Blender is a completely free, open-source 3d modelling program that most of us on the art team have at least a little experience with.

Year 15 Day 34 4:59
Helena Gladio

is 2D allowed for ships, Jevon?



Shout out to my fellow Falleen:
Year 15 Day 34 7:19
do up a ship in illustrator. If the results are similar to what we produce 3D Im more than happy to allow it.

However, until I see said results, 3D is the tried and true method for the team. 

I already answered that not 20 posts ago, but I guesd I'll hsve to repeat it.

If you can produce the same quality, realism, and level of detail us 3D artists have in our images, it is possibly acceptable to do a ship in 2D. However the amount of effort and skill required leaves me wondering if anyone here can fo it. Especislly since all images have to be from scratch, it just doesn't seem the most efficient method.

Year 15 Day 34 8:45
Kendall Holm

not to mention 2d takes a special breed to do realism. Some effects can be very time consuming in 2d. Plus if we dont like orientaion of the entity you are screwed and would have to start over which can be very frustrating. 3D is more efficient as you have a program that handles the painting, lighting and effects. And changes can be made on the fly with less headache. But if you can do realism with 2d then look me up in DA I always enjoy good 2d realism.


Year 15 Day 57 13:56
By the way, nice job for the Foray, it is absolutely fantastic! my preferred ship in the game

(sorry i was going to ask a question about 1-room CP ships, but I also found the answer 20 posts ago)


Year 15 Day 149 11:22
Zhane Treeborn

Any news on this topic?

Year 15 Day 149 12:38
Maha Michi

Think the first two reply posts sum it up for you nicely.


Year 15 Day 149 12:45
Stop asking this question. Until a Sim News post exists on the topic, information will not be given anyway. No, there is no ETA.

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