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Archives » Guardian-class Medium Cruiser? EDIT: (More ship questions!)
Xavier Ramone

Were they an old CP ship? What's the back story on them?

EDIT: I'm also wondering on the backstory of Hardcell-class transports, Delta-7 Aethersprites, and Mobquet Medium Transports.

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Year 15 Day 28 23:50
I remember Anzat owned a whole lot (all?) of them, then at one point they were converted into something else.

Year 15 Day 28 23:58
The Guardian was once the capships granted to the New Anzat Order (later Anzatan Commonwealth) and the Falleen Federation. With the canonize, we were later offered the Kaloth instead.

The NAO had several Guardians stolen at one point. They were last in Tenloss last I am aware of.

Unless Keishi/Azarin contacted the Admins about converting them, they should have a few of them still. Same with the FF.

Edit: Typoed Tenloss.

Edit again: Confirmed with Jado that the FF still has its Guardians.

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Year 15 Day 29 2:56

I had thought the Guardians Tenloss owned were wrecks, but I could be wrong. I seem to recall flying through Tycho's wreck graveyard once and I thought I saw some, but maybe not.

I also think Hometelium had one, but he even while being quasi-inactive was refusing my exuberant (at the time) offers of moneys.


Year 15 Day 29 3:42
Tenloss had legit ones as far as I am aware. Tycho always seemed quite proud of the fact.

I miss Tycho. Is he still around and active? Or just around?

Edit to answer questions:
Hardcell-class transports were part of From The Ashes 2, I do believe. One of the last big scenarios that allowed people to find various wrecks and restore some. The Tetan battlecruiser was discovered during this by Alex Tylger (who later sold it) I do believe.

Delta-7 Aethersprites were given to the Jedi Praxium, the original Jedi CMG/faction in the game. Most, if not all, were later stolen/sold off by Dark Sider infiltrators.

Mobquet Medium Transports? Honestly, can't recall much about them.

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EDIT: I'm also wondering on the backstory of Hardcell-class transports, Delta-7 Aethersprites, and Mobquet Medium Transports.

Hardcell were prizes from the old Community Games. I thought Trade Federation had one(or two?) and hadn't heard of any others.

Aethersprites, as Weylin mentioned, the old Jedi faction were given a few squadrons, and I believe almost all if not all, were stolen by Kal Fisto and some other rogue Jedi. I seem to recall Tycho and... Eric Jackson? Having a few squadrons they fenced/bulk purchased from Kal. By now I'm sure no one has more than a few in one place.

Mobquet, I don't really know why they were ever rare. The ship itself is meh, and even when they do sell, they don't go for "rare" value, at least from what I remember. There's quite a few out there, but you're better off just using a Bulk, they're easier to find, and likely cheaper, and certainly more useful.


Alex Tylger

Thread necroing!

Homtelium still owns one of the Guardians in his inactivity.

The Teta/Tetan/Supremacy was from an individual red scenario that took place near the end of 2003, transitioning in to 2004. It closed just as Darkness was officially released. To my knowledge it was the last small red scenario. The wrecks in question were recovered from the system which contained the infamous Death Star moon, aka X-110. I went there with the intention of salvaging the various wrecks, but had to choose between the unknown ancient wreck and some smaller pieces. I took inspiration from one wreck the Imperial Core had salvaged there during From the Ashes, which later turned out to be the Imperial Escort Carrier.

About the Hardcells: I am not 100% certain, but I think people are confusing several events here. From the Ashes 2, a sequal galaxy-wide scenario that died in its infancy, was a seperate event from the "community games" that Jesfa talks about.

I believe the Hardcells were perhaps from the "Black Fleet Crisis" *admin* scenarios of summer 2005. They were still viewable, though locked, at the bottom of the RPG centre board up until a year or two ago. Similar to red scenarios, but with no chance of death, just asset loss/gain. There were 4-6 seperate scenarios that would eventually join in to a final battle, but I believe most never finished the first stage. The one I took place in, set on Adumar, was completed though. The first of various other prequel tech came from these scenarios as prizes: the ARC-170, Droid Tri fighter, and maybe the Mankvim Interceptor.

Some others like the Toscan, Belbullab and at least a few of the CR-92rs came from Redbat's community games on IRC though.

Dan Hakim

I swear I read somewhere that Hardcells were converted into something else, BFFs, I think.



They were not converted. There's a different rare hauler that existed at one time Collosus(?) I keep forgetting the name, I believe they were all destroyed or converted and the ship type removed.


Something like that. It was Blazing Pulsar Explorations-only. Shame, it was a neat ship.

Yeah the Colossus - although I believe there was only one of them left hence why it was converted and removed.



Back when Redbat sold FF the VSD, he also sold NR/Grant the only/one of the only Collossus. Not sure what happened to that one.


Loftano Drak

Tycho has a lot of nice toys, I enjoy taking them all for a ride.

Thank you for sharing