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Archives » Art images, CorSec uniforms
Year 15 Day 29 19:08
I am not sure if this is the place to ask this or if it should be in the questions for the Admins forum.
But anyway, I was wondering if I submit a image of a Corellian Security Force field uniform as a Custom for clothing would it be acceptable or not?

The uniform would be one piece including, shirt, pants, and gloves , similar to the way the flight suits are, since we don't have a place for pants,gloves or boots.

Here is what the uniform looks like
<a href=CorSec uniforms photo image_zps436d27ee.jpg" />
(Do note I am not including the belt in the image)

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Year 15 Day 30 4:03

Assuming the image is well made, I don't see why not, but you'd need to contact Jevon or Kendall


Year 15 Day 30 6:39
Kendall Holm

I would say that it was okay so long as It was not cartoonish


Year 15 Day 30 10:22
It's not going to be, this is just the example of what it looks like.


Odds are for people who want to minimize there own risk, SO NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS!!!
Year 15 Day 33 6:05
Dratt Darkstar

You shouldn't have any problems if you have a good image.

Someone made a couple Imperial ones, years ago, when Imperial Uniforms and such was not given out much at all. Some people hated being "naked".

The images were just customs of the coveralls:


Actually, they made a few images to be used on standard flight suit helmets and other items. The only issue we had was for Imperial caps, since that had to be a custom item. Makes it easier if the image is set already as a custom image, while a custom item must have it's imaged approved each time. I have had to submit the same image for a custom item before cause one would deny it, the other would accept it.


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