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Year 15 Day 31 20:54
Maha Michi
Maha Michi
Why are the Storm Trooper, Clone Trooper, Mandalorian, and Rebel Camouflage belts all called Tool Belts when in canon they are called Utility Belts? Could they be renamed if there is no particular reason?


Year 15 Day 31 22:07
They don't want Bruce Wayne to sue.

In all honesty it's probably just an attempt to link them all to the normal tool belt.


Year 15 Day 31 22:09
What exactly is the difference between a Tool Belt and a Utility Belt?


Year 15 Day 31 22:56
One of them my jerk partner has tons of and they keep falling off, yet he NEVER thinks to make belt loops on his bloody uniform.

P.s. This came up before in a descriptions discussion. The books called them tool belts, but someone kept editing the wookiepedia page.


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Year 15 Day 32 6:51
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
Tool belt I see a lot. Utility Belt I see mostly with fiction. In the military we called them duty belts and I do believe that law enforcement also calls them duty belts.


Year 15 Day 32 13:55
P.s. This came up before in a descriptions discussion. The books called them tool belts, but someone kept editing the wookiepedia page.

- Erek

May I ask which books those would be, Erek? The books I have read mention utility belts, belts and equipment belts but never a tool belt so I may have missed a few.

In Star Wars utility belts cover all belts meant to carry what an individual considers necessities, such as small tools, rations and other such things that one would most likely need to deal with situations. The difference between the civilian and military versions is the storage capacity and the material they are made out of. Simply, it is a belt with many pouches or places to attach things.

In books the term belt is also used for utility belts though the mentioning of removing something from a pouch is mentioned as well. Basically, in Combine terms utility belts would probably include all the military belts such as the ones mentioned by Maha. The heavy belt would be considered an utility belt as well; not that it needs to have its name changed though as it covers everything from a gun belt to utility belt. I guess it could be renamed if wished to go with the military versions if they are renamed. I just hope the ToolBelt mentioned at the ends of those items are changed.

Kendall, you are right in that law enforcement does call them that as well. Erek, if you want sources, that is not wookieepedia, I can provide that information. If you wish that is, such as book title and book page. I converted quite a few books into .pdf files.

Year 15 Day 32 18:51
(isn't going to point out the hypocrisy of someone asking for sources and then asserting contradictory knowledge without providing any sources)

Year 15 Day 32 20:20
I just merely asked. Considering the amount of authors that write Star Wars books I would not be surprised that the term "tool belt" was used in one of them. Now, most of the books I acquire are either in ebook form or for those that I actually had in paperback or hardcover I created .pdf files for them so chances are the page numbers are quite different due to formatting.

Here are a few since Mikel made such a nice implication. I am happy to provide sources when the situation requires it.

Darth Maul - Shadow Hunter (Chapter 5)
Labyrinth of Evil (Chapter 2)
Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (Page 105 - I think)
Heirs of the Force (Chapter 2)
The Swarm War (Prologue)

Typically, the authors use utility belt for a few times early on and then refer to them as belts throughout the book. As I mentioned before belts mentioned in the books are usually utility belts as basic items are attached or placed in pouches on the belt. For verification I could post the sentences utility belt is used in and someone could place it in a search engine which should verify it was actually in the book. Or if someone had the books at hand.

Is there any other information that I need to post that I may have forgotten, Mikel? Also, I am not being sarcastic or flippant with that question.

Edited By: Gwen Leor on Year 15 Day 32 20:23
Year 15 Day 32 21:18
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
Tool belts are utility belts and vice versa If you buy tool belts you will see a lot times they use both in the same sentence. ex. on web site it says Quick Modular Tool Belts are the most versatile utility belts you can buy. you can find this by googling the difference between the two.


Year 15 Day 33 7:25
Its a belt, im failing to see why their naming convention is an issue.

Year 15 Day 33 11:55
Kraak Ak-Xaiva
Kraak Ak-Xaiva
Me too Jevon, but it is pretty funny anyway.

Year 15 Day 51 21:42
Theofan Maercan
Theofan Maercan
In Star Wars utility belts cover all belts meant to carry what an individual considers necessities, such as small tools...

- Gwen

So, what you're saying here is that in Star Wars utility belts are tool belts?

Year 15 Day 51 21:45
It's a pressing issue, after all.



Year 15 Day 53 14:14
Jerrik Tamerin
Jerrik Tamerin
It's a pressing issue, after all. 

What you don't realize is that the fate of the entire galaxy hinges on getting the naming of these belts right.


Year 15 Day 53 15:46
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
The irony part being that they are already named right?


Year 15 Day 53 23:22
Tool, utility, equipment are all adjectives describing what type of belt it is. The key word should be BELT. It is the constant throughout the conversation. The one word that does not change no matter how you ask the question of what is the proper canon name of a belt.


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