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Year 15 Day 33 8:14
I've been searching, but have been unable to find my answers. Where can one find current information regarding the practice of hunting creatures? More specifically what I wanted to know is this, is creature/bandit spawning and/or combat in general still limited to a single planet? If so, which one was it? I know it was something starting with a "D", but can't remember exactly.

Alaric Briar

Year 15 Day 33 8:25
Cassan Di`Thynite

Creatures and Bandits spawn on all planets with open terrain squares (i.e. unslabbed squares). PvP is only enabled on one planet, being Derra IV.


Year 15 Day 33 8:28
Creatures and bandits have always spawned on all planets ever since they were introduced. However, Derra was used as the ground combat beta and as such squads were able to be used and creatures etc hunt you down rather than just ambling aorund as they do everywhere else.

As for where they spawn, any unslabbed terrain square that doesn't already have a player character present.


Year 15 Day 33 9:25
Thank you.

Year 15 Day 34 22:33
Though I know its probably not going to happen even the thought that a herd of adorable little herd of Gizkas may be hunting me is terrifying.


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