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Year 15 Day 42 10:14
Hi all,

i'm new to this.

Assume you own a factory, with DCs assigned and the required RMs;

Can you do simultaneous jobs in one factory?

ie build one weapon, one droid, one ship at the same time,

or you can only launch one job at a time and wait for completion?

big thx


Year 15 Day 42 11:18
Varlathotep Al`Jormungandr Ragnvaldansson

They all build sequentially. The process is :
Tooling > Building > Finish > Next queued
So, when you start production it'll tool the factory. Next, it'll create and finish the entities. Then it'll move onto the next DC that you've queued and will repeat the process.

So, in your example, first the weapon batch will be built, then it'd move to the next queued batch which would be the droid after the weapons complete, etc.


That's got to smarts.
Year 15 Day 42 11:49
that is a relief, thank you!

one last question:

where do you put the RMs?

i guess you load them from your freighter inside the factory?

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Year 15 Day 42 12:15
Maha Michi

You load the RMs into the factory from the ship's cockpit.


Year 15 Day 42 12:20
Xakic Jix

you can also start a factory with RMs in side the BFF, but the BFF has to stay there or the mats have to be moved into the factory



Year 15 Day 42 12:28
The RM needs to be anywhere in the city. It could be inside the factory, or outside in a ship, hangar, another factory, etc. The manager or operator of that ship or facility storing the RM has to be the manager, operator, or owner of the factory.

Also, the manager of the factory has to be a faction that produces the right type of product.

In the example you gave, first you need to assign an items faction as manager for the production of weapons. After weapons are finished, then you need to assign a droid faction as manager for the production of droids. After droids are finished, then you need to assign a ship faction as manager for the production of ships.

Year 15 Day 42 12:43
Varlathotep Al`Jormungandr Ragnvaldansson

Baz, I do believe you're allowed to unassign the faction once production is started, so unless I'm remembering wrong he SHOULD be able to queue up all of the production regardless of what it is, only having to wait for him or his employee to jump into the next faction and get the privs for production.

Though it has been quite a while since the last time I've produced anything, so maybe they removed queuing entities in production.


That's got to smarts.
Year 15 Day 42 17:24
It runs the requirements for production check when beginning the production stage (ie after retooling). So yes you can unassign after the 1st queueitem starts production, but you'd have to re-assign before production finishes in order to ensure the next queueitem begins.

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Year 15 Day 42 23:01
Yea, you can't run queues of different types w/o revisiting the factory. If you are doing items with ships after it will stop at 100% complete unless an item faction is assigned as manager at the end of production. So you can do runs of different types of items in a row but you cannot switch between required faction types in the queue and have it auto go thru them all.