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Year 15 Day 54 9:03

I am trying to use the forgtten password emil to sign n that was sent to me a minute ago because I have forgtton my original password. But when ever I try to use the password it doesn't work. My handle is Tyechxs Pegisus and you can contact me at tyechs111@gmail.com with the awnser

Year 15 Day 54 9:26
There is no record if that account name. there are only a few reasons for this to be. Number 1 if you created account and did not reach level 2 and did not log in for a significant amount of time the account may be deleted. Another option is that your original account died and this name you are looking forhas either not been accepted yet or you cannot use it yet. If that is the case please try logging in with either your email or your old name




Year 15 Day 54 9:52

My handle was just approved about a day ago and the account more or less the same. So would that affect anything?

Year 15 Day 54 10:18
Varlathotep Al`Jormungandr Ragnvaldansson

If I can interject here, you can also log in using your email. Just type your email where you'd type your handle.


That's got to smarts.
Year 15 Day 54 14:37

I have done both and neither work

Year 15 Day 54 20:30
Use lost password, only the most recent password it generates will work. Passwords are case sensitive.

Alternately, use one of your other three accounts.



Year 15 Day 54 20:57

And this is the source of my probelm the forgotten password doesn't work and I am using the most recent one. And I can't use the other two accounts because those are my borthers' accounts

Year 15 Day 55 1:14
Blot Hlidskjalf

Your brother has two accounts?

Year 15 Day 55 2:37
Brothers'. Meaning a plural possessive.

Year 15 Day 55 3:29
Blot Hlidskjalf

My bad.

However, should talk with my parents. Maybe I get some more brothers too ...

Year 15 Day 55 8:13

But you see my perdicament?

Year 15 Day 55 10:10
Will handle in support ticket. 'Guest' was already on our radar for creating multiple accounts and I will deal with it accordingly.